IT: Escape from Pennywise VR App Reviews

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Please fix as this would be amazing ! Too blurry !

Doesn’t work

It doesn’t even work!!!!! I just wasted my money

Still not working

I have an iPhone 6 and it still won’t open please fix bug

Love it

Love the game but can we please get the pixels updated so it’s more clear? Game would look so much better if this was fixed.


This is really good, a little pixelated but whose to blame , good job

Quality is terrible

I’m running this on an iPhone 7 and the quality is terrible. It completely removes you from the experience. Everything is very blurry and hard to make out.

Waste of money

It doesn’t work

Won’t open...

I have an iPhone 6 and whenever I open it it says place it in the headset and I do then I see nothing at all then the game crashes... please fix this bug.


Dont work

Pretty scary

A little pixelated but that’s alright

Good, but I have a idea to make it better.

Have the doors randomized so you don’t know if your going to win or not.

Update Fixed Everything!!

Just downloaded the new update and everything is running smoothly! Still gives me a scare 2nd time round


I want my money back!! It’s just a black screen

Black Screen

I have been really excited to use this app, but every time I try to play it brings me to a black screen

Used to be really cool...

But now the update ruined the game and it won’t even play on my iPhone 8....

Working great on iPhone 8

Can’t wait to get an oculus to experience content like this in better fidelity.

iPhone 6 still doesn’t work

I have and iPhone 6 and the game still crashes after the update.

App Still Crashes

I just started the updated app and put it in my google cardboard. While I’m happy that I can finally play the game, it still crashes in the middle. I really hope you can fix that in the next update.


I can’t even get started. App crashes right after the prompt to insert the phone into the viewer and now I’m $.99 poorer.


I can’t get in the app at alllllllll don’t get this app!

Worked on my 6S Plus

I had no problems using it on my 6S Plus. It’s a lot of fun for 99 cents.

Two seconds away from asking for a refund!

It's been "loading" for four days!! I just deleted and reloaded and after two hrs it's still not even at 1/4 loaded. I downloaded another app during the same time and it loaded fine quickly... why is this one having so many issues?

Doesn’t work

Don’t bother


Keeps crashing. Very disappointed I love the movie. And really wanted to play this.

Doesn’t even come on

I paid my money for this for it to not even work, I want a refund

i kinda hate this

i bought this app and it won't even download! i deleted all of my pictures, videos and APPS! i only have the apps that my phone came with, waist of my money. disappointed in this

Horrible game

I wish I could leave a star below negative the game doesn’t even let you play it ,as soon as I put it in the google cardboard it just crashes and goes back to the home screen, if the game was going to be like this it shouldbe free,I want a refund

Doesn’t work

After scanning QR code on the headset I’m using, it tells you to place phone into device. Then the app closes. Tried it several times every possible way.

Its good but..

I loved playing with the VR but it only worked once. I guess it keeps crashing and I’ve tried everything to get it to work, it just shows me a black screen. Pennywise looks awesome though.

Doesn’t work!

App keeps force closing .


Never works neverrrrr

Doesn’t Work

App won’t load at start up.

Best thing ever

I love the movie it and I always wanted to feel like I’m inside the movie and this is the perfect thing to do that 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Okay great

I pay 99 ¢ for this, and it does nothing but crash every single time I try to play it.

Please update the game so that the crashing problems will be fixed

On my IPhone 6 Plus the game keeps crashing and I am a big fan of IT so you know how badly I want to play this game so please update the game so it stops crashing every time you open this app

Compete Crap Crashes Instantly

DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!! Crashes as soon as u open it!! Wast of money!!! I have an iPhone 6 and is does not work!! I don't think it would work on any device!!

Always wanted to play IT!!

Always wanted a game that was based on the IT movie!! Really scary! Only problems I have are that no matter what door you go through, you find yourself walking into some of the same scares. I wish that every scare in each door is a different experience, but anyway the vr experience is truly something else....

How do I get the cardboard?

Do l need to get virtual reality glasses to play? It doesn’t work for me since i don’t have the “cardboard” needed.

I love the movie but the app keeps crashing

I bought the app and I was really excited but it took like a hour to load and then when I started playing it was working fine until I was in the room after the scary not scary and very scary doors it just kept crashing I would LOVE to reach the end of this game so PLEASE UPDATE IT!!!!!!!!! I REALLY liked where this game was going but it was a waste unless it gets updated:(

Not working on iPhone 7+

The first time i dosnloaded the game it worked PERFECTLY, then i had to delete it to take some pictures, days later i reinstalled the gane and it DOES NORHING. THE SCREEN STAYS BLACK. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK.


Give me my money back

Update the app

This app keeps crashing even if your phone is updated and on the newest platform please save your money and get another game that works. This a great way to attract the people that lived the movie fix this app.

Don't buy

Don't buy this because it doesn't work if u don't have cardboard


I play on an iPhone 6 and it crashes every time I've tried to play it.

Doesn’t do anything

Open the app it says to insert into the goggles and then it’s just a black screen. Won’t do anything past that. Highly disappointed in this app.

Waist of my Money

Wish I could give it a negative star to coincide with my experience. This game crashes upon start up. If you own an IPhone 5 or 6 don’t waist your money. Not sure about newer IPhones platforms but this is a disappointment for us.

Fix This App

I really love this movie but this app is terrible. it crashes right when I choose a door. I bout this for .99¢ and it seems like it was worth less. please fix it. I would love to keep playing the game and get to the end, but that will never happen if you all don’t fix the app


Constantly crashes at same spot. I have an iPhone 8 so it’s not an old device. Can’t even get a minute into it.

I want my money back

This game doesn’t work once I get into it it crashes I downloaded this on my iPhone 6 and it doesn’t work what so ever so I want my money back I don’t want to have this anymore please give me my money back


Game keeps crashing. Waste of money!!!!

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